Frequently Asked Questions

1.     My country is shaken by public debt, social crisis and at the brink of collapse to civil war. What shall I do ?

First, provide us with a list of the names and addresses of the political leaders of your nation (e.g. president, members of government, parliament, tribe leaders, etc). Then, we will send them a straightforward executable master plan, explaining them ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’, to change their broken nation into a new and wealthy one. Additionally, you should be willing to forward copies of mentioned master plan within your country to the recipients (that is, because sometimes such sendings become  intercepted, altered or destroyed by members of a secret service or lower level administration. To make sure, that copies of the master plan come unaltered in the hands of the political leaders, you need to be cleverly and find a way to assure the proper delivery of the plan)

2.     Is there a chance to make my nation a better place, preventing inner and outer war, which is commonly thought to be of interest of the military-industrial complex and depending beneficiaries ?

Yes. The Adaptive Capital Economy (ACE) provides a well established alternative to the outmoded interest afflicted system of credit and finance. This alternative exists since centuries, has been refined by us, but is globally ignored for a superficial advantage of the finally devastating interest afflicted credit and finance (the inner core of destruction and downfall, combined with ideological or religious fanaticism). As soon as your nation introduces the ACE, others will follow, because there is nothing more convincing than a nation which has changed from once broken to now being wealthy.

3.     Can the national banking system be more successful by applying the rules of the Adaptive Capital Economy than by applying the common rules of interest afflicted credit and finance ?

Yes. The Adaptive Capital Economy (ACE) provides more reliable profits for banks (and not only for them) than the outmoded interest-based system. There are only some minor legal changes and some organizational steps necessary. The lasting success of the ACE is convincing by itself and allows the interest-based system to exist further in a more stable, but localized manner, without harming the globalized economies and civilization.

4.     What is the investment range of the projects you are working on ?

It depends on the project itself. Some investment projects start from $5m (e.g. for a real estate project), some go up to $600bn (e.g. for a new type of spaceship, like the USSS President), some go up to $1,5tn (e.g. for the transformation of a broken nation into a wealthy one). Some projects, necessary for the survival of modern civilization, are even bigger, but that’s something we discuss with interested members of governments, parliaments and leaders of administration, jurisdiction, economy, finance, military and police.

5.     Do we need capitalism, socialism, communism or ‘big government’ to make the world a better place for all of us ?

Neither nor. All these ‘academic abstractions’ of how people should live, breathe, drink, walk, think, talk, get dressed or devote themselves to a political or religious ideology, to become acceptable for their political or religious leaders, or even a higher being, have nothing more brought into this world than hypocrisy, servitude, suffering, misery, inequality, corruption, unrest, terror, civil war and war of nations against other nations. History has already proofed this simple fact. Keep your faith and mind clear and use common sense, science, technology and the Adaptive Capital Economy. The rest is a matter of good will and some changes in the mind of those who make and execute the law. People and planet will flourish again, opening the door to a higher level of civilization. Quit easy, isn’t ?

6.     Are we alone in the universe ?

No. Actually, we represent nothing more than the average of planetary and evolutionary developed civilizations in the galactic group.


The following lists shows some of the questions we are freqently asked by the people.

Some are less developed, others are much, much higher developed than we are and already mobile in space. However, the higher developed avoid mostly to get in contact with us (for obvious reasons), but are friendly and graciously to us, because long time ago, they had to solve similar problems on their own planet comparable to ours. Only by solving the global problems they managed to survive and learnt to become mobile in space. As soon as we’ve learnt to do the same, we will be friendly welcomed by them in the galactic club of higher developed civilizations.

7.     I like to develop my own business project, to contribute to a better world, to share my profit with my investors and my employees in fair manner. Can you explain me how to do ?

Yes. We explain, teach, train and support you to become a successful entrepreneur, to make a difference in the world. Become wealthy and then share your wealth with those who have supported you to realize your success. We provide you with the tools to do so in a legal and secure manner.

8.     Is there an entrance level for my teaching and training program ?

Yes. First, you need to send us your resume (please only one page with a picture of you and a notarized copy of your valid passport) and preferably an explanation of how you want to contribute to a better world. Then, we will evaluate your information and provide you with an offer or an advice. There is much more we can do than it’s possible to explain on this website for now.

9.     I don’t live in the States. Do I need to travel to the States to become trained, examined and certified as an Investment Consultant, Government Adviser or Trade Coordinator ?

No. Your training and exam will be performed online. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world. And if you don’t have a business project, we do have plenty of them. Get educated, trained, examined and certified. From then, we provide you with an U.S. corporation, including administration, accounting, controlling, U.S. bank account, U.S. credit card, U.S. bank guarantee, U.S. business visa and whatever you need to perform your business successfully, worldwide and in any branch and range.

10.     No Facebook, Twitter, social media ?

Sorry about this ‘shocking news’, but we don’t need them. We provide our ideas, concepts, plans, support and so on for those who are in a leading position in their country (or want to step in such a leading position) and who want to change their nation in the meaning of a presented master plan. These persons contact us directly, but not by postings on social media. However, if you think, we should reconsider this, we are open for your ideas and suggestions.

11.     Where to transfer my contribution, donation or other payment ?

Our bank account data for collecting deposits, contributions, donations and payments will be sent to you on your request. Usually, we note incoming cash in ‘working lists’ and register preferred shares, related to the purpose of the transfer. We also send regularly ‘letters of confirmation’ to our shareholders, stating the registered shares.

12.     How do I transfer from my credit card ?

We do this for you on your request.

13.     Can you please withdraw for me directly from my credit card ?

Yes. For collecting from your credit or debit card, please send us a message with appropriate data for allowance, either by mail or email. Our CPA will do the withdrawal from your card after a confirming note.

14.     Why displays PayPal always ‘donation’, and not ‘deposit’ ?

There is a legal reason for the messages displayed by PayPal.

For your deposit, simply click the PayPal button and note ‘deposit’. For your donation, simply click the PayPal button and note ‘donation’.

For further questions and assistance, please contact us. Thank you !