Development of New Economies and Industries


... or how to let more than 7 billion people live in peace and prosperity on Earth (*)

“New satellite power plants provide more energy than all mega cities need together and provide enough ‘fusion fuel’ for a new fleet of spaceships.”

“New atmospheric carbon recycling industry, energized by concentrated sunbeam power, allows to maintain a healthy climate on Earth for a flourishing civilization.”

“Autonomous mobility robots, like the shown Draco Liberty, called by a smartphone app, pick you up from any place in the world, even from a place in a desert or from the roof of a skyscraper in a mega city.”

“New spaceships, like the USSS President, powered by FFET Flow Fusion Energy Thrusters, will bring you to other planets as a tourist or a permanent resident.”

“New technology, like SWOS, is used to protect your real estate from being destroyed by large fire fronts, furious storms or flooding. Make your home your castle.”

“Redesigned economies, now free from public debt, allow a new global culture of sustainable, natural resource management, healthy local productivity, fair wages, better education and social care for all inhabitants on Earth.”

(*) Showing a few examples of the U.S. master-plan


U.S. Organization for Development of Civilization, Inc.